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Our Compounding Specialties

Compounding is the art of putting together a medication in a different formulation, at a different strength, or in a different combination which best fits an individual patients (human, or animal) needs. Each patient is a unique individual who may not be appropriate for standard medication whether it’s due to their condition or pricing. Thus, a specialty compounding pharmacy can provide a product according to a certain patients needs and wants.

At Strohecker’s Pharmacy we strive to compound medications that will meet all of our specific patients needs. Not only are we able to compound many different medications we are able to compound medications in many different forms which include: capsules, tablets, creams, ointments, gels, injectables, troche’s, suppositories, and nasal sprays.

Compounded Products

Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

More Compounding Specialties

Fertility Medications

Pain Management

Urology Medications

Veterinary Medications



Shipping Medications:

At Strohecker’s pharmacy we are fortunate enough to have a full service shipping department. We are able to ship medications all over the United States to our patients in a very timely manner. Please inquire with our shipping department if you have any questions