Prescriptions at Strohecker’s


We make it our goal to be the most accurate and informative pharmacy.


Getting a prescription at Strohecker’s Pharmacy assures you that it was dispensed with confidentiality. Our staff knows the importance of protecting your personal information.

Reasons to choose one pharmacy

  • While all pharmacies have patient records (or “profiles”), these rarely show prescriptions filled at another location. By staying with one pharmacy, you’ll have a complete record of your medications, even from different doctors.
  • Without a complete record, important drug interactions may be missed. Knowing all medications you take means your pharmacist will be better able to tell if a new medication might react with ones you already take.
  • By recording your health conditions, allergies and past drug reactions, your pharmacist can also catch possible problems before you take a new drug.
  • When you need an over-the-counter remedy, your pharmacist can quickly check your record to help you find the best one for your health situation.
    A complete record in one place helps answer questions you or your doctor might have. For example, if a past medication caused side effects, but you don’t know its name, your record will show medications you’ve taken over the years.