Tips and Information

All IVF centers post their success rates via SART statistics. This information is available online to help you determine which centers have the best pregnancy success rates and might be right for you.

Getting pricing quotes for your fertility medications can be very complex and confusing. Strohecker’s specialists can be a great asset to helping you with this. When calling for quotes on your medications make sure you get quotes on all your medications.

If your insurance requires you to use a specialty pharmacy make sure you get a quote first from the specialty pharmacy. Sometimes it is cheaper to use Strohecker’s Specialty discounted pricing.

Make sure you get all of your medications at least 1-week prior to starting your IVF cycle. This allows you time to make sure you have everything, you know how to store them properly, and gives you time to ask any questions about the medications.

Strohecker’s Pharmacy will provide you with all the necessary supplies for your fertility medications. All of these supplies are free of charge to our patients.

Make sure to give Strohecker’s Pharmacy your complete address and any shipping specifications if we are shipping the medication to you. We want to make sure you get your medications on time and at the correct location.