Stroheckers Pharmacy

Strohecker’s Pharmacy for many years has been one of the few pharmacies in the country providing cutting edge fertility medications to patients at nationally competitive pricing. Strohecker’s pharmacy is proud to partner with the Design RX and Heart Programs to provide fertility medications at affordable pricing.

Strohecker’s specialty fertility pharmacy is proud to announce the launch of the “First Steps Program” which is an additional discount savings plan for qualifying fertility patient. Please click the logo below for the application:

Register for Strohecker’s specialty fertility discounted programs here!!

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Fertility Medications

Through our various programs we are able to offer all necessary fertility medications. Below is the list of medication and links to what they are used for and how to inject them.

Medication Pricing

Please give us a call at (503) 222-4822 for our most up to date pricing.

Shipping Medications:

At Strohecker’s pharmacy we are fortunate enough to have a full service shipping department. We are able to ship medications to our patients in most states in a very timely and efficient manner. Please inquire with our shipping department at (503) 222-4822 if you have any questions

Free Fertility Care Packages:

In addition to all fertility sets which are purchased from Strohecker’s Pharmacy we provide free Fertility Care Packages to all our patients. These free care packages include: Large sharps containers, alcohol swabs, all necessary needles and syringes, Q-caps, and Follistim pens. We also provide a card with the phone number of a pharmacist who is available 24/7 for all of your questions or concerns..