What is Lupron®
Lupron® is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist. It inhibits the pituitary gland’s ability to control the ovary and, therefore, is used to treat endometriosis. In women with endometriosis, Lupron® provides pain relief and reduction in the size of endometriosis lesions. The drug is also used as part of the process to stimulate multiple eggs for assisted reproductive technologies.

How Do I Use Lupron®?
Here are step-by-step instructions for taking Lupron® (leuprolide acetate) injections:

Lupron® is injected subcutaneously—or into the fatty tissue under your skin. The primary sites for injection are your abdomen—2 inches on either side of the navel—and your upper, outer-thigh where the skin is loose. Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure that the surface you work on is clean.

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