How Do You Get Rid of a Cold in 12 Hours?

How Do You Get Rid of a Cold in 12 Hours

Cold is the general name for a complex of inflammatory respiratory diseases. However, hypothermia is not directly caused by them. It rather creates favorable conditions for the infection of the body with a virus or bacterium.

An adult suffers from acute respiratory infections one to three times a year. This ailment is not dangerous, but it significantly interferes with the conduct of a full life. Few can afford to spend a week or more on a cold. MLST, a world-renowned health expert and medication supplier, has made up an accessible instruction for recovery in one day.

First, let’s get acquainted with the main symptoms of acute respiratory infections.

Cold symptoms

The first signs of the disease may appear a couple of hours after infection. Symptoms usually appear in this order:

  1. Day 1. Sore throat caused by pharyngitis – inflammation of the lining of the throat;
  2. Day 2-3. Runny nose, sneezing, feeling of stuffiness caused by rhinitis – inflammation of the nasal mucosa;
  3. Day 4-5. A sore throat cough that irritates the cough receptors. As the virus moves to the bronchi, coughing becomes a reaction to increased secretion and is necessary to remove phlegm.

Weakness and body aches can accompany the patient all the time, or they can go away on the third day. These are common manifestations of asthenic syndrome. It can also include photophobia, emotional depression, heightened sensitivity to sounds and smells. All this indicates the increased stress that the nervous system is exposed to during illness.

How to distinguish a cold from other diseases?

Colds are unpleasant but relatively harmless. However, other, more serious diseases can manifest themselves with exactly the same symptoms. Therefore, you need to know the following:

  • Fever for colds is not always the case. It never exceeds 102,2 F (39 C) and decreases after a maximum of two days. Otherwise, it is no longer about ARVI, but about the flu;
  • A sore throat does not always indicate a cold. If it does not go away for a long time, it is accompanied by an increase in lymph nodes and the appearance of purulent plaque on the tonsils, this indicates tonsillitis (sore throat). Antibacterial therapy is required here;
  • Cough with acute respiratory infections lasts no longer than two weeks. If it continues, it is possible that pneumocysts, fungi, or mycoplasmas have entered the body.

General recommendations

Rarely, when the first symptoms appear, immediately see a doctor. You can just lie down the first two or three days. But if, after four days, the state of health does not begin to improve or worsen, you cannot do without medical assistance.

If you are convinced that you have ARVI, you can use the following methods to alleviate the course of the disease:

  • drink more (especially if there is a fever);
  • refrain from smoking;
  • rest as long as possible;
  • dress comfortably (you can wrap yourself in blankets only if you are cold);
  • ventilate the room;
  • humidify the air.

Vitamins will also serve as helpers. In addition to citrus fruits, the vitamin C necessary for the body with a cold is provided by black currant, sea buckthorn and ginger. Honey will help to strengthen the immune system.

Common cold medicine

Medicines, which are freely sold in all pharmacies, will help us with this. Our task is to quickly eliminate the symptoms.

Symptom Medicine Examples of active ingredients
General weakness and fever Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, pain relievers Ibuprofen
Sore throat Antiseptics Hexetidine
Runny nose Antiseptics, decongestants, vasoconstrictors Xylometazoline
Sea water
Cough Secretolytics, mucolytics Ambroxol
Thermopsis herb
Ginger rhizome extract

Additional measures

Some categories of patients are especially sensitive to certain drugs. Someone they are contraindicated at all. Additional measures must be taken to treat such patients. So, in the first trimester of pregnancy, taking medications is generally undesirable. It is better to do with cold natural remedies. Avoid drinking a lot of fluids in the past three months. Although this helps to cope with SARS, the consequences can be serious. Washing out sodium and overloading the kidneys is very dangerous for a pregnant woman.

Essential oils are contraindicated in the treatment of children under three years of age. They do help an adult to recover, but the child’s course of the disease may become more difficult. In addition, children can develop an allergic reaction from an incompletely formed immunity.